Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Pattern: Pythagoras Shawl

I have an FO and free pattern to share: a simple top-down triangle shawl named Pythagoras.

Pattern: Pythagoras Shawl
(A basic top-down reversible triangle shawl with 2 yarns)

MC: Plymouth Yarns Outback Mohair in Rust - 1 skein (218 yards).
CC: Unknown fingering/light-sport weight silk blend in gold color purchased from thrift store. Any silky fingering or light-sport weight yarn will do, about 100 yards (or half the yardage of your MC). A good substitute: Celia by Adrienne Vittadini.

Needles etc.
Size 10 circular needles
Size 10/6.00 Crochet Hook for bind off

Pattern Instructions

Using mohair yarn, CO 7 stitches. Place markers on either side of center stitch. These stitches constitute the top-center of the shawl. I know this is weird, but it works, I promise.

You will work 4 rows with the mohair (MC) and 2 rows with the silk (CC), creating stripes with the bright silk yarn.

Work triangle as follows:

Row 1: K1, yo, k2, yo, slip marker (sl m), k1, sl m, yo, k2, yo, k1.
Row 2: Knit all stitches and slip markers as necessary.
Row 3: K1, yo, k until 1st marker, yo, sl m, k1, sl m, yo, k until 1 stitch before end of row, yo, k1.
Row 4 and all even rows: As row 2.
Rows 5-6: Using CC, work as rows 3-4.

Continue in this fashion until you have worked 15 CC stripes. Work 4 more rows in MC, then prepare to bind off. Using CC yarn and crochet hook, BO as follows:

Step 1: Insert hook into first loop on needle, single crochet (sc) 1, chain (ch) 1.
Step 2: Insert hook into next loop on needle, sc (pulling yarn through both loops on hook), ch 1.

Repeat step 2 until all sts are bound off. The extra chain stitch in between each single crochet creates a nice, loose edge. At the end of the BO, break yarn, pull through loop, and weave in the end. Break the MC yarn and weave that in, too. Done!

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rosalia said...

Soft, lovely shawl!